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August 5, 2006

How to steal a car — World's simplest method


It's one of the four ways described in Brad Stone's great article entitled "Pinch My Ride," in the new (August) issue of Wired magazine.

He writes, "Sometimes dealers leave a spare valet key inside the [owner's] manual and neglect to tell the car's new owner. Crooks just rifle through the glove box."

If just one joehead reads the above, ventures out to her or his new vehicle and finds a key in their manual, I will have done my good deed for the day.

Let me know, eh?

Stone's article is a real eye-opener.

Long story short: Ever since cars became equipped with transponder antitheft systems, insurance companies have taken the position that if your car is stolen, the theft must have had owner involvement, since by default the transponder system makes the car unstealable.

Guess what?

That's patently untrue.

But should you be a customer of automobile insurers Unitrin Direct, Geico, Esurance or Progressive, be prepared to be investigated, deposed under oath, and questioned mercilessly should your transponder-equipped car be jacked.

Those are the four insurance companies mentioned by name in Stone's article as having taken their hapless customers to the mat before either denying or grudgingly paying their claims.

Me, I'm not worried.

I'm with Allstate and besides, my 1988 car hasn't even learned how to spell transponder.

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Giant Pepsi and Coke Banks



Why not?

From the website:

    Pepsi® and Coke® Banks

    Pop [get it?] your money into one of these giant banks!

    Coke bottle is 23-1/2" high, Pepsi is 24", and each lets you bottle up [another good one, what?] the loose change you've been saving for a vacation or other treat.

    Banks are see-through plastic so you can watch your savings grow.

    For fund drives at church or school, they're a great way to encourage contributions.

Each, $12.99 (coins not included).

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100 Most Often Mispronounced Words and Phrases in English


Right here.

Oh, what fun it is to find out what a fool I've been making of myself all these years.


[via Doug Klippert's Unofficial Addendum Stuff]

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British Hot Water Bottle


Who knows better than our cousins across the pond how to get cozy?

From the website:

    British Hot Water Bottle

    When it comes to the damp and cold, the British are pros at soothing its woes!

    Whether it's for calming an upset stomach, soothing aching muscles, or warming up your toes on a chilly night, nothing beats a hot water bottle.

    Fill with hot tap water; the thick rubber bottle warms instantly.

    8" x 13".

    Made in England.


Don't put this on your Christmas list and then wonder why, when December rolls around, it's sold out.


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Are aliens preparing to hijack bookofjoe?


Now what would lead me to ask something so silly and absurd?

Only the identity of the fourth locale from the bottom in the legend alongside the graphic above.

From time to time I go behind the curtain, as it were, to see where people are reading from.

But I may have to expand my reader description to encompass those other than human who like to see what's what from my point of view.

"Satellite Provider?"

Excuse me?

Rupert, is that you?

You sly fox — tell you what, you don't have to pony up even 1% of the $580 million you paid for MySpace last year in an attempt to buy coolness.

I'll give you a 49% share of bookofjoe for one hundred English pounds (£100).

That's right — not one pence more (or less) than was asked for the magic bus.

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World's Cheapest Quick 'n Dirty Rolling Computer Cart


Why pay more?

From the website:

    Cargo Carrier

    Save your back.

    This hefty helper is perfect when you have a heavy, bulky item to move.

    Thick wood slats are attached to heavy duty casters, making a smooth rolling base that glides over hard surfaces or carpeting.

    A wonderful plant stand too.

    Holds up to 200 lbs.

    11-5/8" square and 3" high.


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MorphWorld: Nelly Furtado into Courteney Cox [Arquette]


If you watched MTV as much as I did you'd think Nelly Furtado is bigger than Elvis.

Watching her perform her new hit song "Promiscuous," in which she amusingly channels Shakira and her "Hips Don't Lie" video, and all the associated footage — of Ms. Furtado's video shoots, her life, her wardrobe choices, her flogging her music on various interview shows/segments — I feel I'm getting to know her better every day.

That's why just now, after weeks of this visual blitz (thank God for mute), the penny finally dropped back in the old memory bank and the clue phone finally rang: she's a dead ringer for Courteney Cox Arquette (below).


Sometimes it just takes a while to get to the phone.

And all I can say to those of you dying for some real entertainment before this long hot summer finally draws to a close is, just wait a little bit longer: my first treadmill video, entitled "joe's Hips Don't Fly," will premier simultaneously here and on YouTube in the very near future.

In fact, I'd go so far as to say, "real soon now."

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Baking Soda Caddy


Who doesn't keep a box of baking soda in the back of their fridge?

Sure, it's been there for eons and hasn't absorbed an odor molecule since the 20th century but hey — we're not here to hate, are we?

From the website:

    Baking Soda Caddy

    Shaped to hold a standard box of baking soda, this space-saving caddy hangs from a side wall so it's off the shelf, out of your way and less likely to spill.

    In durable blue plastic, it's an easy way to freshen the fridge!

    4"W x 7"H x 2-1/2"D.



Sure, you've got one of those boxes of baking soda with the nifty mesh screen so even if it tips over it won't spill — but not everyone has access to that specialized packaging.

$4.99 (baking soda not included).

Addendum: 5:58 p.m. Sunday, August 6.

Laurie Brown just commented on the fact that there's been a sudden, overnight price increase: it's now $7.99, an increase of over 60% in 36 hours.

I suggested in an email to her that this is most likely a result of price gouging now that the device has become such a hot ticket since been featured here yesterday.

But Shawn Lea has just swept in to save the day: the inimitable head crack team researcher for bookofjoe dropped everything else, put on her magic hat (I'm not at liberty to go beyond that description) and came up with a much nicer looking baking soda caddy (below)


for just $2.50, half yesterday's price.


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