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August 16, 2006

ButtKicker Gamer


Winner of a 2006 bookofjoe Product Name Award.


From the website:

    ButtKicker Gamer

    Experience Video Games' Realistic Bass and Special Effects Without Raising Volume

    Works with XBOX®, PlayStation® 2 and GameCube™ game consoles.

    Add a level of realism to your video games with the ButtKicker Gamer.

    This low-frequency transducer attaches easily to almost any home or office chair with a center post, allowing you to experience powerful bass and realistic special effects through your entire body without turning up the volume.

    Ideal for use with headphones, the ButtKicker Gamer works with all popular game systems and also connects easily to iPods or other digital music players.

    This kit has everything required to connect your ButtKicker to your chair and your system, including a 100-watt power amplifier.

    Designed to be responsive and aggressive, the ButtKicker Gamer answers the need for both accurate low-frequency response and maximum tactile effect.

    The Easy Clamp™ mechanism allows you to attach and detach the ButtKicker Gamer to/from your home or office chair quickly.

    Ideal for apartment or dorm use, the ButtKicker Gamer lets you turn down or turn off your subwoofer and still feel all the bass you want.

    • 100-watt power amp

    • 2 standing feet

    • 13.5-foot quick-release cable

    • RCA adapter

    • Mini Y adapter

    • 5-foot RCA to RCA cable

    • 5-foot RCA to mini cable

    • 2 Velcro cables


I wonder if I can hook this puppy up to my treadmill?


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