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August 31, 2006

Portable Shelf Dividers


From the website:

    Portable Shelf Dividers

    Bring order to messy shelves — no tools or hardware required!

    Stack bulky sweaters, T-shirts, blankets, sheets, towels — these vertical dividers keep everything neat and orderly!

    Chrome-plated steel grids slide securely onto shelves up to 1" thick.

    Metal clamps keep them firmly in place and can be adjusted to create narrow or wide "bins" to suit the objects you are storing.

    Set of 4, each 12W" x 13H".



If you find the anti-entropic thrust of this post appealing you might find Thomas Mann's 1925 story, "Disorder and Early Sorrow," gives you great pleasure as it once did me.

Or you might find his style oppressive and run screaming from the room.

The choice is yours — isn't it?

Mann's story is included in a collection entitled "Death in Venice and Other Stories," available for 42 cents (used) and up at Amazon.

But I digress.

Perhaps chrome just doesn't work for you.

I can see how that would be the case.

How about white?


Can you feature white?

From the website:

    White Shelf Dividers

    Divide a shelf and multiply your storage power stacking sweaters neater, linens higher, towels tidier!

    Coated wire grids slip over any shelf up to 3/4" thick, creating perfect cubbies for stacking sweaters and shirts, organizing handbags and accessories, storing books or photo albums.

    12" x 12".


A perfectly matched set of 4 is $11.99.

Now, aren't you glad you're not the type to settle?

Me too.

A note on the physics employed in both iterations above, to wit: the no-tools, no-hardware-needed design.

Close readers will recall that this same simple engineering principle — the spring — was employed in the paper towel holder featured in this space on August 2.

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