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August 18, 2006

Shallow Hal Muffin Top Pan


From the website:

    Muffin Top Pan

    Usually just the tops of the muffins have the chocolate chips, cinnamon sugar or nuts... you know, the good stuff.

    For muffin tops — no bottoms — try this dishwasher-safe, six-large-muffin-top, nonstick steel pan.

    15-3/8" long x 11-1/8" wide.



Go ahead — you know you want one.

For what it's worth, consider Donald Barthelme's observation, to wit: "Guilty pleasures are the only ones worth having."


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Didn't the guy that stole Elaine's idea about Muffin Tops learn his lesson that unless the entire muffin existed to pop the top off, the tops tasted just as bad the original stumps???


I predict this is a failure...

Posted by: clifyt | Aug 18, 2006 1:38:36 PM

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