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August 11, 2006

Tattoo Pen


From the website:

Tattoo Pen


Love the look of bold tattoos, but not into the pain or commitment?

Our FDA-approved Tattoo Pen, a temporary tattoo machine, has 6 interchangeable color gel pens and a vibrating pen holder (for the "authentic" effect of real tattoos).

You can easily trace from one of the 9 included stencils


or draw freehand


and let your talent shine!

Tattoo washes off with soap and water.


Requires one AA battery (included).

Commitment I can handle — it's the pain part that puts me off.

I must say that when I saw this photo,


for a second there I could have sworn I'd fallen through a wormhole into a Terminator maintenance facility.



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Ah, commitment without pain -- doesn't THAT sound nice.

As the wonderful Japanese lady who looked after me when I was little would often say, "nevah hoppen."

Posted by: Flutist | Aug 11, 2006 2:15:29 PM

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