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August 1, 2006

Why Coca-Cola BlaK is doomed to fail: It's simply too good


It's not only bad products that wither away and disappear: good ones do as well — perhaps even more often.

The most common reason, in my humble opinion (note to self: coin acronym), is that something is simply too good for its time and place.

Full disclosure: I love Coca-Cola BlaK, introduced in April of this year with much fanfare.

Though it's meant to show off its "carbonated-coffee essence" the thing that most appeals to me about it is the wonderfully chocolaty flavor — not too sweet but, rather, in the words of Goldilocks, "just right."

Alas, it's far too quirky and exotic to succeed.

I predict the chance of being able to find this product at this time next year to be ≤ 1%.

Enjoy it while you can.

BlaK: R.I.P.

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Posted by: Hugo | Aug 2, 2006 5:43:47 PM

oooohhh and it IS delicious.

Posted by: Jeffrey M Foster | Aug 1, 2006 3:34:28 PM

My only complaint about this is that it tastes too much like Coke-Zero or whatever they call that blended diet drink. Not a big fan of the aspertame...even though I drink the CokeZero waaaaay too much.

Something like Coke Blak isn't something that needs a diet anything attached -- I can't imagine drinking more than one a day. And in that tiny bottle.

Kinda reminds me of a drink my sister and I invented when we were yound where we tried to gross each other out and occasionally found something we liked. Take my mom's stale coffee, mix it with a can of coke and mix in some milk...roughly equal portions. I think it started off far more disgusting than this, but thats what we ended up with. And it tasted great. Ended up morphing this again when I worked at an Arby's restarant in my youth by mixing coke with the 'extra' Jamocha shakes and offering it as a hidden treat to my favorite customers (The extra came from the fact I was already dropping in a bit of 'real' coffee into the already coffee-esque shake and my favorite customers would inevidibly 'narc me out' by asking the head manager for it when I wasn't around even after I told them it wasn't official and I could get in trouble for making it, ruining it for everyone...though I do remember one of the heads of the chain actually asked me for the details once the word got around).

All in all Blak has an interesting taste. It could be much better, but they've neutered it with the lowered calory aspected. I'll still pick up a bottle every so often and relive my youth...

Posted by: clifyt | Aug 1, 2006 12:33:17 PM

I don't know if it's doomed to fail because it's good, but more likely doomed to fail because either you love it, or you hate it:

I picked up a bottle a month or so back (as I too like to try new drinks and concoctions) but I didn't feel the Coke love from it either.

Posted by: KJ | Aug 1, 2006 11:40:11 AM

Missed this entirely, but will try. Competing with bottle Starbucks' concoctions, no doubt.

Posted by: Mb | Aug 1, 2006 10:24:48 AM

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