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August 7, 2006

World's Only Floating Faux Flowers with A.I.


You know, joe, it's not funny anymore, this crazyness and the weird headlines and all.

"Just say what it is and shut up."


From the website:

    Set of 10 Floating LED Lights

    Create a unique party accent.

    Place these faux rose blossoms in a pond, pool, or even a punch bowl and they immediately send out colorful, glowing light!

    Automatically turn off when taken out.

    Each 3" diameter LED light burns for approximately 120–140 hours.


But the pond, pool and punch bowl spaces are just the beginning.

What about your bathtub?

Or the clogged shower?

That'd be fun.

Keep one in the sink to guide you in your nighttime hour of need.

World's kewlest nightlight.

Or put them in little bowls on the table next time you have a dinner party and have people sit by the color they think best suits them.

A set of 10 lights — 1 each in Mauve, Green, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Red, Blue, and 3 White, including batteries — costs $34.99.

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I would like to order color sets, say the Lily Pulitzer combo of green and pink; later the toile combination of blue and white....

Posted by: Mb | Aug 7, 2006 3:37:38 PM

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