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September 29, 2006



What a delicious-looking website.

Too bad my one quarter of Introductory Italian at UCLA last century has left the intracranial building.


Recipes, pictures (above and below), tips, comments and much more.

At least I can look at the pictures — and mamma mia, what pictures.



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Boom Box Cooler Bag


From the website:

    Cool Tunes Cooler Bag

    A cooler — and a boom box — all in one

    This versatile, lightweight cooler has a built-in AM/FM radio — it’s almost everything you need for a great time at the beach or the park.

    And what’s more, you can connect any iPod, CD, MD (mini-disc) or MP3 player to it using a headphone jack.

    The cooler is made of 100% insulated cotton so it keeps your treats cool, and can hold up to eight 12-ounce cans of your favorite beverage or anything else you want to store in it.

    The radio plays in stereo on 2” dynamic waterproof loudspeakers and features an adjustable 2” padded shoulder strap that makes carrying it a breeze.

    When filled with cold drinks and turned up at full volume blasting your favorite songs, this radio is sure to rival any boom box on the beach.

    And you don't have to lug around a heavy portable cooler or a big, bulky, hefty boom box a la Radio Raheem to relax as you listen to your Public Enemy or anyone else on your iPod, MD, CD or MP3 player.

    Uses four AA batteries (not included).




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Experts' Expert: Lawrence Osborne's Favorite Airport


Osborne (below)


is the author of "The Naked Tourist: In Search of Adventure and Beauty in the Age of the Airport Mall."

He told USA Today's Jayne Clark, in a story in Wednesday's paper featuring the favorite airports of five travel writers, that his favorite airport in the world is "Wamena (top), Irian Jaya, on the island of New Guinea. 'It's the anti-airport. It has almost no staff. There is no glass in the windows, just naked men in pig fat jumping up and down. It's like the 1940s — you get off the plane and just walk into town. It's like an autistic airport. Nothing quite functions. I thought that was pretty bloody cool.'"

Considering the planet-wide geographic distribution of joeheads, I'm certain there are others out there with their own particular faves.

Let me know what they are and tell me why and you just might find yourself featured here.

You wouldn't be the first to achieve worldwide renown via this route.

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Women's styles also available —


alas, "real soon now."

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bookofjoe Select™


I just got an email from the New York Times telling me that my annual subscription to TimesSelect — which gives you a key to the Times firewall door, enabling you to read up to 100 articles a month which otherwise, a week after publication, are locked up in the archive — expires on October 6, and that they're going to charge my credit card $49.95 for a one-year renewal unless they hear from me otherwise before then.


But then I got to thinking: there must be a way to monetize bookofjoe without ads or subscription fees — I'm just not smart enough to have figured out how yet.

Then I got to wondering what bookofjoe Select™ might offer that a basic bookofjoe subscription doesn't.

I could answer email promptly — but I do that anyway for free.

I could provide medical advice to the limit of my knowledge, and referrals when appropriate — but I already do that.

I could offer the services of my crack research team and its grand panjandrum, Shawn Lea — but I've been doing that since she agreed — after very difficult, protracted negotiations — to come aboard.

I guess I'll just muddle along as I am, for the time being.

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Color-Changing Misting-Humidifying Gentle-Sound-Generating Desk Lamp


Put one of these on your desk and you'll be able to charge admission to enter your cubicle or office — it'll pay for itself in no time.

From the website:

    Misting Desk Lamp

    Soothes the senses with color-changing mist!

    It'll freshen the air and provide humidifying benefits in your home or office.

    As gentle sounds of trickling water and clouds of mist surround you, 12 softly glowing LED bulbs create a unique and colorful "light show".

    Comes with UL-listed adapter and 11-ft.-long cord.

    7" diameter.


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Is this the vista that will greet the first man on Mars?


Yesterday the first man to walk on Mars looked at a photo (above) of where he might well take his initial step onto the red planet.

It was taken by the Mars rover Opportunity this past Wednesday as it perched on the edge of the crater Victoria.

The man I refer to is a Chinese boy who's about ten years old.

He's in elementary school, where he excels in math and science.

In 2040, give or take ten years, he'll be aboard the first spacecraft whose goal will be to put men on Mars.

That ship will be Chinese, with each and every astronaut Chinese born and bred.

That's why I had to laugh when I read yesterday's New York Times story headlined, "NASA Chief, on First China Trip, Says Joint Spaceflight is Unlikely."

He's right — but for the wrong reason.

It's not China that'll be asking us to join them come the Mars mission — quite the opposite.

Maybe'll they'll send a HoloFax postcard saying, "Wish you were here."

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Keyhole Earrings


From the website:

    Keyhole Earrings

    Connie Verrusio’s ability to see more than one use for the tools and objects she uncovers daily translates itself brilliantly into her unique jewelry designs.

    Made in her studio in upstate New York, sterling silver keyholes become lovely graphic earrings.

    The nostalgic quality of the pieces combined with artistic craftsmanship makes these earrings original and unique gifts.

    0.75" diam. x 0.25"




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