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September 29, 2006

bookofjoe Select™


I just got an email from the New York Times telling me that my annual subscription to TimesSelect — which gives you a key to the Times firewall door, enabling you to read up to 100 articles a month which otherwise, a week after publication, are locked up in the archive — expires on October 6, and that they're going to charge my credit card $49.95 for a one-year renewal unless they hear from me otherwise before then.


But then I got to thinking: there must be a way to monetize bookofjoe without ads or subscription fees — I'm just not smart enough to have figured out how yet.

Then I got to wondering what bookofjoe Select™ might offer that a basic bookofjoe subscription doesn't.

I could answer email promptly — but I do that anyway for free.

I could provide medical advice to the limit of my knowledge, and referrals when appropriate — but I already do that.

I could offer the services of my crack research team and its grand panjandrum, Shawn Lea — but I've been doing that since she agreed — after very difficult, protracted negotiations — to come aboard.

I guess I'll just muddle along as I am, for the time being.

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