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September 18, 2006

CatScram — Episode 2: Mini StayAway


No, not Minnie Mouse's shunned sister but, rather, the latest entry in the keep-your-pet-off-your-kitchen counter sweepstakes.

I believe I've recounted my experience with the $39.99 CatScram ultrasonic repeller (below)


in enough painful detail so as not to have to rehash it.

Those who missed it or found it as hugely amusing as many of you apparently did can find it here.

Now comes a similar device, in that it combines a motion sensor with a deterrent.

In this case that would be a two-component assault, consisting of a blast of compressed air coupled with "a brief, high-pitched sound."


Maybe a short scream or shriek.

From the website:

    Mini StayAway™ Pet Deterrent

    Train pets with sound and air together

    Our Mini StayAway Pet Deterrent is a neat little device designed to protect counter tops, potted plants, and furniture from curious pets.

    Using a small blast of compressed air teamed with a sound, StayAway humanely teaches pets where not to stray.

    • Three-position vertical spray angle adjustment

    • Five-position adjustable motion sensor

    • Replaceable compressed air canister

    • On/off and sound-only switch

    • Requires 4 AAA batteries

    • Locking ring


Why am I thinking I'm gonna give this one a pass?

And why am I thinking that Flautist is already flexing her fingers and grinning like a Cheshire cat?

If you'd like to road test the Mini StayAway for bookofjoe, be my guest: $49.50 (batteries not included).

I promise to publish your review with not one word omitted.

I guess that, considering the Mini Stayaway costs about 25% more than the CatScram, it should not work about 25% better.

Doesn't that sound about right?

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Tracked on Sep 16, 2009 8:43:02 PM


While I have never tried this product, I have tried a very similar product called Ssscat! which was very successful. The Ssscat! is also a can of compressed air with a motion sensor and it "screams" and sprays the air when a cat (or a human) comes near it.
Cons include: When someone walks in front of it and sets it off, the cats go running and I fear they might have assumed that whatever they were doing was wrong, when it most likely wasn't; the air runs out very quickly but it will still "scream" and the cats will still be deterred; batteries need to be replaced often; and most of all, the biggest con is that when we moved the Ssscat to a different location, the cats seemed to know and went back to being comfortable going in the vicinity we tried to keep them out of in the first place.

Posted by: Lila | Jan 6, 2009 2:12:55 PM

Actually, I've had pretty good luck with the Catscram. It didn't work well on our older, diabetic cat -- I think he was partially deaf. But it annoys Bart enough to make him not want to linger near them.

He used to be deathly afraid of it, now he just finds it annoying.

Matter of fact, I need to go order a couple more. He seems to have designated a couple of areas as alternative litter boxes. Dang, they're expensive.

As an aside, I did build my own "Catscram 9000" from a receptical box, a motion sensor, an extension cord, and a Dirt Devil vaccuum cleaner. That one worked on the partially deaf cat. They both hated vaccuum cleaners with a passion. I think they're afraid they'll get sucked up or something. Cat horror movies must be filled with vaccuum cleaners.

Posted by: Phil Leith | Oct 2, 2006 11:16:59 AM

I have to admit. I was flexing and grinning, a little. Face it. They're smarter than you. They'll figure out how to be where they want to be. They KNOW you don't want them up there -- that's the draw. INVITE them. Put soft pillows and exciting toys and catnip on your counters, then they won't go near them.

Big silly.

Posted by: Flautist | Sep 18, 2006 1:13:54 PM

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