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September 29, 2006

Experts' Expert: Lawrence Osborne's Favorite Airport


Osborne (below)


is the author of "The Naked Tourist: In Search of Adventure and Beauty in the Age of the Airport Mall."

He told USA Today's Jayne Clark, in a story in Wednesday's paper featuring the favorite airports of five travel writers, that his favorite airport in the world is "Wamena (top), Irian Jaya, on the island of New Guinea. 'It's the anti-airport. It has almost no staff. There is no glass in the windows, just naked men in pig fat jumping up and down. It's like the 1940s — you get off the plane and just walk into town. It's like an autistic airport. Nothing quite functions. I thought that was pretty bloody cool.'"

Considering the planet-wide geographic distribution of joeheads, I'm certain there are others out there with their own particular faves.

Let me know what they are and tell me why and you just might find yourself featured here.

You wouldn't be the first to achieve worldwide renown via this route.

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