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September 22, 2006

Google Maps Mashup directory


It's at www.googlemapsmania.blogspot.com.

Jennifer Conlin wrote about it in the September 10 New York Times; her story follows.

    A Sweet 'Napoleon Dynamite' Map and Other Google Mashups

    Since Google started its maps site a year ago, hundreds of specialized maps for travelers have been created — a result of Google allowing third parties to “mash up” its existing maps into new ones. A list of most of the Google mashed maps is available on www.googlemapsmania.blogspot.com.

    One map on the site helps search for parking garages in New York, not just by neighborhood, but also by address, cross streets or attraction (museums, theaters, sports exhibits). On one site, fans of “Napoleon Dynamite” can find the places in Preston, Idaho, depicted in the movie, and another that traces the birth cities of every Oscar winner. Wondering what time it is in Nairobi or Dubai? Roll your mouse over the map on Google World Time Map and the information box immediately displays the time at that location. Careful drivers might want to check out Crash Maps, which gives the location of every fatal car accident in the United States from 2001 to 2004.

    One of the most useful mashes is Geowalk, a map combining map data from Google with information from Wikipedia and photos from Flikr. Viewers click anywhere on a world map and then receive pictures, hotel listings and local information about the spot. It is useful both for planning ahead and learning more about an area you are currently visiting.

    The business of mashing up Google maps has, in fact, become so popular that last month a book was published called “Beginning Google Maps Applications” for the “enthusiast playing for fun” or the “professional building for profit.”

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