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September 29, 2006

Is this the vista that will greet the first man on Mars?


Yesterday the first man to walk on Mars looked at a photo (above) of where he might well take his initial step onto the red planet.

It was taken by the Mars rover Opportunity this past Wednesday as it perched on the edge of the crater Victoria.

The man I refer to is a Chinese boy who's about ten years old.

He's in elementary school, where he excels in math and science.

In 2040, give or take ten years, he'll be aboard the first spacecraft whose goal will be to put men on Mars.

That ship will be Chinese, with each and every astronaut Chinese born and bred.

That's why I had to laugh when I read yesterday's New York Times story headlined, "NASA Chief, on First China Trip, Says Joint Spaceflight is Unlikely."

He's right โ€” but for the wrong reason.

It's not China that'll be asking us to join them come the Mars mission โ€” quite the opposite.

Maybe'll they'll send a HoloFax postcard saying, "Wish you were here."

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