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September 7, 2006

Scrolling LED Pen


From the website:

    Scrolling LED Messenger Pen

    The pen is truly mightier than the LED Billboard.

    Express yourself like no other writing utensil allows you to.

    Your writing will take on a whole new meaning and you will enjoy greater creativity in your writing with the LED Pen.

    Scroll a message as long as 118 characters and let those around you become mesmerized by your penmanship as they can’t take their eyes off your Scrolling LED Pen.

    People will be hanging on every word you write because your pen will draw their attention.

    Plus, the LED Pen allows you to make the message as bright or dimmed as you’d like and even scroll at an ultra-fast or a slow pace.

    Either way you look at it, the Scrolling LED pen will provide you with access to greater expression and communication.


I have absolutely nothing to add to the above description.


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