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September 28, 2006

We get email: From Taras Balderdash, Prelate of the Avatars of Change in Second Life


Just in 39 minutes ago, at 1:22 p.m. today.

It follows.

    Comment from:

    Name: Taras Balderdash
    Email: taras_balderdash@yahoo.com
    URL: http://tarasbalderdash.blogspot.com/


    Come by our Monastery in SL and have some tea!

    I agree with you that SL is an addiction, but it can be a helpful addiction. There are places in Second Life, such as SupportForHealing, for instance, that are helping people with depression, anxiety disorders and general procrastinators/escapists (hello!).

    My Order, the Avatars of Change, has gone from a handful of friends collecting a monthly pittance for charity to an organization with dozens of locations around SL and > 80 members... collecting a monthly pittance for charity. Sigh.

    May Supreme Avatar Smile Upon You!

    Br. Taras Balderdash
    Prelate, AOC
    Supreme Avatar Temple
    Callisto, SL


I just may explore the possibility of a Second Life bookofjoe.

Yes, Prelate Balderdash — I may indeed "see you in world," much sooner than I'd ever envisioned.


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Well, I can't let this opportunity for free you-betcha popular blog exposure pass without mentioning our main RL (Real Life as opposed to Second Life) charity: http://www.modestneeds.org. This is a great charity which helps people directly and at the moment has 0% overhead due to matching donations. If just a few Joe-heads sign up for a small monthly donation to Modest Needs more folks will be pulled back from the precarious edge of ruin.

May Supreme Avatar Smile Upon You!
Br. Taras
Avatarian Prelate

Posted by: Taras Balderdash | Sep 29, 2006 6:24:42 AM

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