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September 24, 2006

Wireless TV Speaker


What a great idea.

When I do this and that in and out of the house, I can keep the audio of my game with me.

Nothing like cleaning out the gutters with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman keeping me company.

From the website:

    TV Hear™ Wireless Remote Television Speaker

    A wireless plug-and-play TV listening device brings the sound closer to you!

    It’s an all-too-common problem: the television is far enough away you need to turn up the sound to the point of disturbing others.

    Now, you can enjoy your programs at a reasonable volume by letting TV Hear bring the sound to you!

    Order one of these great wireless TV speakers today and restore peace in your household!

    Remote TV speakers are great in other rooms, too!

    Do you bounce from room to room — trying to cook dinner, for example, while catching the evening news?

    TV Hear is helpful for listening to the TV in other rooms.

    With a TV listening device that works up to 30 feet away, you’ll never have to miss a beat!

    • Simply connect the transmitter to the TV and turn the speaker on

    • 900MHz wireless technology transmits crystal-clear sound 30 feet

    • Phase Lock Loop (PPL) circuitry never needs tuning

    • Uses six AA batteries (not included) or AC adapter

    • Uncomplicated power and volume controls


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