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September 5, 2006

Xubáz — 'Functional neckwear'


Say what?

Long story short, from the website:

The first product to enter the unisex functional neckwear market segment.

Designed in 2006 by Bernt Kuhlmann, this revolutionary product is a scarf-like accessory [pictured above and below] featuring strategically placed pockets and straps (called "Xues™").


Xubáz™ functional neckwear can be used either in addition to — or in lieu of — a jacket, coat, handbag and/or wallet.

Syl Tang's write-up from the September 2 Financial Times follows.

Not too much to declare

Even more timely may be resort developer Bernt Kuhlmann's scarf-with-pockets — a sort of wearable carry-on. Kuhlmann, who spends 30 per cent of his time on aeroplanes (including travel to his summer residence in Nova Scotia or his current project, the Aman Giri in Utah), says: "Between flight delays, more baggage checks and now fumbling through security, I felt frustrated; I was wearing a jacket just to carry my travel documents. And it's all about things coming off easily at security."


Called the Xubáz (pronounced shoe-baz) Functional Neckwear, Kuhlmann's scarf stows a traveller's money, iPod and keys. Kuhlmann hired former Ralph Lauren men's wear designer Keith Lissner and the two made the scarf initially in both a lightweight all-weather, travel-synthetic material and a luxe hybrid that feels like kidskin, and in five colours. Arriving last month at stores where travellers shop, such as Flight 001 in New York, Fred Segal in LA and Tashia in London, the Xubáz will help prevent theft at the security checkpoint, Kuhlmann hopes.

"You hear all these anecdotes about people getting through the metal detector and their wallet is no longer in the security bucket, but what thief is going to think to grab your neckwear first?"


The Xubáz comes with clips that can attach to the wearer's waistband so it stays in place during in-flight turbulence. And the scarf conveniently shields the wearer from that pesky overhead aircraft draught. But an added benefit comes from the fact that if coffee is spilt on the scarf, it will bead right off the fabric, which feels like silk but is dirt-resistant.


This autumn, Kuhlmann will add a new terrycloth Xubáz to the range, so that once on vacation, active types such as joggers will no longer have to load down their shorts with wallets and iPods.

More pictures here.

Two styles, three lengths, six colors.


$59.50 to $79.50.

[via Syl Tang and hipguide.com]

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It's just a priests' stole with pockets. Wonder how long before you can get one with a pocket for the chalice and another for the wafers?

Posted by: Skipweasel | Sep 6, 2006 4:39:43 PM

And consider the market of Tallit wearing Jews.

Or, in addition to a scarf, they could make sweaters with compartments in the sleeves to stylishly drap over your shoulders.

Posted by: AlAl Christensen | Sep 5, 2006 11:50:14 AM

Priests have been wearing things that looks like this for years. I wonder if there are any hip-monsignors out there with an iPod velcro'd to the back? might be a nice way to get through you're 8th mass of the day without falling asleep on the altar ;-)

Posted by: stephen bove | Sep 5, 2006 11:31:48 AM

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