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October 1, 2006

Dolphin To Receive Prosthetic Tail


Late last year a three-month-old baby Atlantic bottlenose dolphin got her tail caught in the lines of a crab trap near Cape Canaveral, Florida.

She was brought to the Clearwater (Florida) Marine Aquarium in December, 2005, dehydrated and with rope from the trap tangled in her mouth, pectoral fins and tightly around her tail.

Impaired blood supply to the tail eventually caused it to fall off, leaving the dolphin with a rounded stump (above and below).


"She has learned to swim using a combination of moves that are part shark and part alligator," according to a story in the September 29 Washington Post.

The dolphin, now named Winter, uses her flippers, normally employed for steering and braking, to get herself moving.

She's healthy and thriving, now four feet long and weighing 115 pounds.

Marine scientist Steve McCulloch, director of dolphin and whale research at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, is currently working with a company that makes prosthetic limbs for swimmers on an artificial tail for Winter, which would be the most extensive prosthetic ever placed in a dolphin.

Fuji, a dolphin in Japan, is the only dolphin known to have a prosthetic tail, which was connected to a remnant more extensive than Winter's.

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Bible Dry-Liter Retractable


Think outside the Bible space.

From the website:

    Bible Dry-Liter

    Specially designed to highlight thin, onion-skin pages, this dry highlighter won't soak through delicate Bible pages.

    Retractable yellow highlighter is just the thing for smaller text, helping you mark that favorite Bible passage so you can return to it quickly and easily.

    6-1/2" long.


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Best comment of the month — bookofjoe unmasked as "a wanker wanna be"


I knew it was only a matter of time.

It came in at 1:08:05 a.m. today.

Not one word has been omitted (or altered).

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Needle Puller



The same principle as those rubber thingies you use to open tightly-sealed jar lids.

It's called "friction."

From the website:

    Needle Pullers

    This mighty helper grips and pulls needles out of any fabric — with ease!

    Its textured surface grips needles tightly, easily pulling them from heavy denim or layers of fabric.

    Great for crafting, too.

    1-1/4" diameter.


Three for $3.99 (needles not included).

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browsershots — 'Test your web design in different browsers'


It's a very good idea to do that, if for no other reason than to see what others see when they look at your website or blog.

You might be surprised at what browsershots.org reveals.

Of course, like the classic Holiday Inn commercials tagline said, back in the day: "The best surprise is no surprise."

My results are pictured above: from left, using Linux, Opera, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

When you do your own site you'll be able to click on each version and enlarge it to full-screen size.

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Hands-Free Action-at-a-Distance Remote Car Starter/Thermometer


But wait — there's more!

"Not content to just turn your car on, this remote-start system's key fob receives messages from your vehicle that tell you whether it's running, locked or unlocked — even the temperature inside!"


This device will start your car when you're over a quarter-mile away.

That should do for even the most paranoid.


[via the September issue of Popular Science magazine]

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goldstarevents.com — 'Great nights out, for about the price of a movie!'


Long story short: it came from outer space, or at least the closest thing on Earth to it: Los Angeles.

Now it's worked its way to the East Coast.

What is goldstarevents.com?

A discount tickets website that offers a flat 50% discount from the original price of every ticket it sells to concerts, plays and sporting events.

Registration is free; the company makes its nut through service fees, which vary on a sliding scale depending on ticket price.

So far they're up and running in


[via Rachel Beckman and the Washington Post]

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Million-dollar idea for whomever wants it


Above, a necklace with what appear to be Christmas tree lights on the usual green cord.

But they're fake bulbs.


Whoever takes this to the next level by putting a battery at the clasp and having real bulbs twinkle will make a fortune.

Why not you?

From the website:

    Christmas Necklights

    No, they don't really light (where would we put the battery?).

    But they look like they could, down to the green holiday cord.

    Adds real holiday fun and flair to any outfit.

    Ring clasp.

    Each "light" is 3/8", string is 18" long.


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