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October 11, 2006


It is what it says.

Juicy is not just the name of a clothing line.

[via Lucy Kellaway and the Financial Times]

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Million-dollar idea for whomever wants it — Episode 2: Last call


A week and a half ago (October 1, to be precise) I suggested that someone with a yen for lots of yen trick out the Christmas Necklights (below)


with a battery such that they blinked and flashed like Christmas lights.

Well, guess what?

This morning I espied the Flashing Halloween Necklace Set (top and below) in one of the catalogs pouring in over the transom.

From the website:

    Flashing Halloween Necklace Set

    Add spooky style to any "ghoul’s night out!"

    Halloween Flashing Necklace Set includes one with flashing pumpkin heads [top] and one with flickering ghosts [below].

    Controller offers 3 different blinking patterns: Constant on; all flashing; or alternate flashing.

    Includes extra set of button batteries.

    17" long.



Time's running short if you're going to do the Christmas number — I'm doing what I can to help but jeez, I can't do everything.


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That's what it says.

Who knew?

[via Steve Fox]

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Olive Wood Mortar & Pestle


    Olive Wood Mortar & Pestle

    Essential to the Indian kitchen, mortars and pestles are used daily to grind and pulverize spices and herbs.

    Ours is beautifully grained, with a mortar that’s 5" diam. and 3" tall.

    Matching pestle is 6¼" long.

    Made in France.


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Google + YouTube: 'Mostly say, hooray for our side'


Yesterday's New York Times front page story by Andrew Ross Sorkin about Google's acquisition of YouTube was the usual "on the one hand, but on the other hand."

File under "Mostly say, hooray for our side."

The people doing internet video say it's great, those on the outside looking in press their noses against the (jealousy) glass and say, "Oh, my."

Notable among these was Mark Cuban, who wrote on his blog, "I still think Google lawyers will be a busy, busy bunch. I don't think you can sue Google into oblivion, but as others have mentioned, if Google gets nailed one single time for copyright violation, there are going to be more shareholder lawsuits than Doan's has pills to go with the pile-on copyright suits that follow."

Yo, Mark: Google's got more lawyers than Doan's has pills, and those lawyerbots are the world's best at playing the legal 4 Corners, such that any and all copyright-related lawsuits will be lost in jurisprudential appeals hyperspace for the next decade until the clock runs out, the fans and Elvis leave the building and the game is called due to lack of interest.

I like Mark Cuban because he's honest and realistic, not having drunk the Kool-Aid that makes so many successful people believe they're somehow uniquely gifted: commenting on what he'd learned from owning the Dallas Mavericks, he said that being great in sports was far, far harder than succeeding in business.

The reason: in sports you have to succeed every day, whereas in business you just have to get lucky once.

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Wash Away Yours Sins Hand Cleanser — 'Reduces guilt by 98.9% or more!'


Sounds pretty good to me.

From websites:

    Wash Away Your Sins Hand Cleanser

    Oh, if only it were that easy.

    Just in case it might work, here's what to give the liars, cheaters and wrongdoers you know.

    Help them wash away all their sins with this new communal liquid hand soap dispenser.

    With an easy pump action and a tempting "do it again" aloe-enhanced citrus and Easter lily scent, this hand cleanser reduces guilt by 98.9% or more!


A stylish 8 oz. bottle is $8.49.

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Panama Canal Webcams — 'These live cameras show operations at the Miraflores and Gatun Locks, as well as other points of interest in the Canal'


Tune in, sit back, relax and watch the stately passage of ships.


Beats working.


[via Mrs Moneypenny and the Financial Times]

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Christmas Sunshine Buddy — Why so S.A.D.?


From the website:

    Christmas Sunshine Buddy

    The sweet looking Sunshine Buddy has had a makeover complete with Christmas parcel and reindeers.

    Working on the principal of the original Sunshine Buddies, the Christmas Buddy soaks up environmentally friendly renewable energy, (to you and I, sunlight) and sways silently from side to side.

    This cute bundle of Christmasness (if there’s such a word), could be the perfect replacement for that dusty old snow shaker that’s been pulled out of the Christmas decorations box for the last ten years!

    Technical specifications:

    • Each Sunshine buddy requires lots of warm, sunny sunshine

    • Sunshine Buddies work on the theory of perpetual motion

    • Sunshine Buddies work without batteries

    • Their heads sway silently to relax your senses and invite you into a calming world

    • These buddies are constant friends and ask nothing of you except companionship and a smile

    • Each Sunshine Buddy comes with 3 blank message cards — these can be placed in front of the feet



£6.99 ($13.59; €10.72).

[via Phillip and crazyaboutgadgets.com]

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