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October 27, 2006

Hamburger Helper for Bloggers


It's here.

So great.


Never again will I have to try to rouse members of my crack research team from their collective stupor (not you, Shawn — I know I haven't given you a whole lot to work with, but that's what happens when you try to staff your back room using Billy Beane principles... but I digress).

From the website:

    Beat Blogger's Block

    Stop stressing over blogging — it's supposed to be fun.

    But it's no fun when there's nothing good to blog about.

    Well, those times of feeling the dreaded "blogger's block" are over.

    Now you have a wealth of great ideas right here at BloggerFodder.net, home of the best blogging ideas on the world wide web.



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Bad Attitude Wristbands


From the website:

    Bad Attitude Wristbands

    Express your cynicism and angst with these alternative rubber wristbands.

    Guaranteed not to support any charities!

    Fit most adult wrists.


The set of 4 pictured up top is $6.95.

Reserve the yellow one for me, okay?

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Bossaball — 'Mixes soccer, volleyball and gymnastics on trampolines and inflatables'


This just in from reader Pedro Romero, who writes:

    Hi there,

    I was in Spain a couple of weeks ago when I witnessed this "phenomenon" I thought you might like to know about.

    It's a sport named bossaball, which is a mix of volleyball, soccer and gymnastics on a pitch of inflatables and trampolines (a big bouncy arena).

    It looks very spectacular and I think the shifted gravity (trampolines --> G-force --> hang time) added to the traditional ball game experience is very interesting.

    It allows for a complete new range of techniques, team tactics and strategies to play and score.

    Players are showing off juggling the ball. The audience dances around the arena, cheering. It's like one big crazy thing.

    I think it's a great game idea, pretty innovative, fun to play and watch.

    Looks like the organization behind the game is pretty small, but I think they have a lot of potential as it's such a cool gizmo, so I figured maybe the concept's interesting for you to blog about on bookofjoe?

    You can find their website at www.bossaball.com
    or watch some videos of the game at www.bossaball.net
    or see some pictures at www.bossaball.com/blog/pictures.html

    Well, that's what I wanted to share.






Is bookofjoe a TechnoDolt™?

You bet it's interesting.

I wanna play right now, the heck with this blogging stuff.

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iQube Cagey Cube — 'Develop your dog's intelligence and puzzle-solving skills'


I guess it's not enough that we've destroyed childhood and adolescence with endless organized activities and SAT prep: now the poor dog, happy as a clam — as it were — living her or his dog life, is compelled to improve.

Where will it end?

Is nothing safe?

From the website:

    iQube Cagey Cube

    Develop and strengthen eye-paw coordination skills as your pet discovers how to remove the squeaker shapes from inside the Cagey Cube.

    Keeps your dog entertained, active and busy for extended periods of time, eliminating boredom.

    Helps to satisfy a dog's natural instinct to search, stalk and capture its prey as your pet repeatedly removes the squeaker shapes from inside the Cagey Cube.

    For additional fun and variety, place favorite pet treats or other toys inside the Cagey Cube.

    Machine-washable fabric is made with safe, non-toxic all-new materials.


"Eye-paw coordination?"



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Does runnning in the rain make you wetter than walking?


Anahad O'Connor, in his always entertaining "Really?" feature appearing weekly in the Science section of the New York Times, this past Tuesday hit the jackpot as far as I'm concerned, addressing a question I've had since I was a small boy, to wit: Does running in the rain make you wetter than walking?

Short answer: No.

Here's his column.

    The Claim: Walking in the Rain Keeps You Drier Than Running

    The Facts: Caught in a downpour without an umbrella, most people pick up their pace. But an old wives’ tale advises that a person who runs in the rain gets wetter.

    When someone runs, more of the body is exposed to more droplets of water, the argument goes. But several studies have put this claim to the test and found it wanting.

    In one, published in The European Journal of Physics in 1987, an Italian physicist determined that if the distance is short enough, sprinting gets a person less wet than walking — but only by about 10 percent. Translation: running isn’t worth the effort.

    Another study, published in 1995 by a British researcher, found that it made no difference whether a person walked or sprinted.

    Perhaps the final word came from two meteorologists at the National Climatic Data Center in North Carolina. Suspecting that earlier studies overestimated the average walking pace, they adjusted for certain variables: the effects of wind and the fact that runners tend to lean forward, shielding the front of their bodies but exposing the back.

    The researchers used themselves as guinea pigs. Over a distance of 100 meters, or about 330 feet, they found that running in heavy rain kept them drier by as much as 40 percent.

    The Bottom Line: Running in the rain probably keeps you drier than walking.


At least that's solved.

I know I, for one, will sleep much better tonight as a result.

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Home Dock iPod TV Tuner — 'View iPod content on TV'


Say what?

I thought this wasn't supposed to happen till next year via iTV, unveiled last month by Steve Jobs.

Shows what I know.


From the website:

    Home Dock iPod TV Tuner

    The innovative Home Dock iPod TV Tuner turns your TV into your iPod monitor and speakers.

    Allows you to:

    • Watch your saved videos on a big screen

    • Listen to iPod tunes on your TV sound system

    • Select and play songs and videos using the 18-button TV remote control (included)




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Helpful Hints from joeeze — Double your success rate with no risk


Alas, this tip will only improve your outcome when you plug in a two-prong polarized cord — but hey, it's not as if I'm charging you an arm and a leg for it.

Look at the picture above.

What do you see?

In fact, those are 1/4" diameter adhesive paper dots which have a million and one uses around the home and office, but here and now serve to make your socket life just a tad smoother.

Here is what you do:

1) Take a green dot and place it on the side of the plug that you see when you plug in the device.

2) From now on, every time you pick up the cord, simply place the green dot up and you're 100% certain to have it correctly oriented for electricity to happen.

Guaranteed — or I will cheerfully refund every penny you paid for your dots.

760 in assorted colors (Green, Yellow, Blue and Red) cost $4.49 here.

N.B. Any color dot will work equally well: I use green because of the deeply embedded association with "Go," etc.

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Guard Duck — 'No one ever suspects the duck'


From the website:

    Guard Duck

    No one ever suspects the duck.

    Would-be thieves and trespassers might not even notice the mallard on your porch until its motion sensor is triggered and it quacks out a loud alarm.

    Each 8" tall, hard plastic water fowl requires two AA batteries (not included).




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