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October 29, 2006

Are you ready for some football?


'Cause I'm getting my game face on as we speak.

Crank it up.

Now, wasn't that fun, Theme Sunday?

I may reprise it.

Or not.

Ya just never know around here.

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Touch-Activated Mini Travel Fan


    Touch Fan

    Keep your cool anytime, anywhere

    No need for a meltdown in line at the museum on a sweltering day.

    This touch-activated fan dispenses a cool, quiet, and surprisingly strong breeze with two flexible and safe plastic blades.

    The removable 38-inch lanyard makes for easy transport around your neck and the (included) desk stand lets you enjoy the fan hands-free.

    Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).

    5" x 2-3/4" x 2-1/2".


Doesn't the picture appear to indicate it's got three — not two — blades?

Probably not important, but the crack research team insisted I mention this so here it is.

Also in Blue, Red and Silver.


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Circling the drain


Mercifully for Redskins fans everywhere, the team's got a bye week so we don't have to face the sad facts today.

A blessing.

Each week is worse than the last, as the bandwagon loses wheel after wheel and skids ever closer to the edge of the roadside above a giant canyon.

They're charging $19.99 for these hats but if things keep on the way they are, they'll have to pay people to wear them.

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World's Best Portable Reading Lamp


No question about it.

Great design, wonderful light, bulb lasts forever.

I bought an earlier iteration of this lamp at least 10 years ago and still use it as my bedside reading lamp when I travel.

This is at least the third iteration of the original design: it's smaller, brighter, and far more stylish along with being very cleverly designed.


Features added included an integrated carrying handle and internal power cord storage.


Back in the previous century when I bought the original, you could have any color you wanted — as long as it was black.

Now they call it Graphite (above).

Also in Ivory (below).



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How Flickr can get its groove back


Have you noticed that Flickr seems to have disappeared from the news lately, what with YouTube all the time?

Me too.

I was noodling around Flickr last evening, playing with the settings and all, when I had an idea: make it so you can watch slide shows at a much more rapid clip.

The current limit is one picture/second: let users run the pix as fast as they like.

Because you know what happens when still pictures start to go by in a hurry: some people call it a movie.

Others, more expansive in their point of view, call it life.

No matter — letting you create your own personal, customizable video on the website on the fly is a no-brainer.

At least, it didn't take any to think it up.

I can't believe I'm continuing to give it away.

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Pink Ice Cream Scoop


From the website:

Zyliss® Pink Ice Cream Scoop

Fun for right- or left-handed dippers.

Winner of a 2003 red dot design award, the comfortable ergonomic design has a non-slip handle and thumb rest.


Superior scoop shape cuts through even the hardest ice cream.




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Pink Magazine


Launched in June of last year, its inaugural issue featured an article entitled "How to Get Fired Like a Man."


This post is part of a developing theme, in case you hadn't noticed.

But that's okay, it's early yet.


Do you think it odd that there's not an iota of pink on the magazine's covers?

I do.

We are reminded of Magritte, to wit:


Well, I am.

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Pink Hip Flask



From the website:

    Personalized Pink Hip Flask

    Personalized stainless-steel hip flask is an old favorite, dressed up in pink leather for a new generation.

    Oval plate is monogrammed with up to three engraved letters; please specify in order of appearance.

    Includes a funnel and hinged screw cap.

    3-3/4" x 5"; holds 6 oz.

    Comes gift boxed.


Also in black.


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