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October 2, 2006

Color-Coded Caller ID


Friend or foe?

If you had one of these, you wouldn't even have to look at the caller ID display before deciding if you wanted to answer the phone.

Just take green calls and let the rest stew in your voicemail's juices.


From the website:

Color-Call™ Caller ID System

Color-changing system tells you who's calling at a glance.

The Color-Call Caller ID System uses ColorSmart™ technology to assign one of four colors — red, green, blue or purple — to a particular phone number or group, so you can see who's calling from across the room.


• Scrolling colors indicate an unassigned, unknown or blocked call

• Missed-call log for 30 numbers, new call counter and total call counter

• Three-line LCD display shows telephone number and caller

• One-button operation to store numbers by color

• Features high/low dimmer

• Holds 100 numbers



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