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October 5, 2006

Ear Toasters


With a name like that you know pride of place here is a done deal.

From the website:

Ear Toasters

Keep ears toasty warm without "hat hair"; listen to your iPod too!


Our Ear Toasters combine the comfort of fleece and the warmth of Primaloft® in a lightweight nylon frame.

Behind-the-head fit keeps your hair from getting trashed.


Smooth sliding mechanism adjusts for snugness that stays put — even while you jog or ski.

Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Green, Pink, Root Beer, Grey or Black.


But suppose you like to listen to music on your iPod or whatever while you're out and about.

Well, have I got good news for you.

They make a version called Stereo Toasters with built-in earphones so you can "listen to your iPod during outdoor jaunts — without the annonying earbuds."


Those come in Fuchsia, Grey or Black and will set you back $29.95.

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Okay - I guess it has it's own cord to attach to the iPod. Where is it on the item? How long is the cord? Is the item annoying to use if you aren't using your iPod at that moment?

Posted by: Stacy | Dec 4, 2007 12:48:36 PM

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