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October 20, 2006

Flashing Holiday Necklace — Episode 3: Signs of [intelligent] life in the great [virtual] world


Well, it appears somebody's paying attention.

You may recall that on October 1, I featured the non-flashing version of this necklace in Episode 1, with the suggestion that there was some serious money to be made with a battery at the clasp so it could flash.

Even though the website selling that version asked, "Where would we put the battery?"


That's the effective answer offered by the makers of the flashing Halloween light necklaces in Episode 2 on October 11.

Well, as any fool can plainly see — I mean, I can, so I figure those like me will have the same vantage point — someone woke up and smelled the cash in time to capitalize on what seemed to me at the time a no-brainer.

Q.E.D., since it was my idea.

But I digress.

From the website:

    Flashing Holiday Necklace

    This Flashing Holiday Necklace is a quick way to add some holiday cheer to your outfit!

    16” string of mini-bulbs has 8 flashing lights that blink in 3 different modes: Constant on; all flashing; or alternate flashing.

    Necklace includes 2 button batteries and 2 replacement batteries.


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