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October 2, 2006

MorphWorld: Tech gear blogger extraordinaire Judie Hughes into Jennifer Garner


Ms. Hughes (above, with a boa in Phuket, Thailand — hey, what can I say, the girl gets around), whose new website, geardiary.com, appeared seemingly out of the quantum foam this past Saturday, September 30, is one of the very best tech writers currently working.

Her greatest strength is an uncanny ability, in a world where TechnoDolts™ and TechnoDoofuses™ like me attempt to simply use a product without first destroying it — as I nearly did recently with my MoGo wireless mouse, having neglected to read Judie's review and instructions which quite clearly spelled out how to turn it on, something I didn't figure out on my own until after I'd driven myself mad looking for two tiny springs that exploded into my basement workshop hyperspace as I disassembled the thing in an effort to figure out how come I couldn't get it to start up, then reassembled the myriad tiny parts — is her patience and attention to detail as she deconstructs devices and then explains, in precise, plain English along with excellent photographs she takes as she goes along (nicely captioned so you can follow what's going on), how they work, what they can — and cannot — do, the pros and cons of the items and, finally, how she rates them compared to other similar devices.

Simply incomparable.

Below, Ms. Garner,


(who needs no introduction) before she got confused about her self-image and let the plastic surgeons loose.

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At a Cobra Show - but that isn't a cobra it it? more like a boa or a python

Posted by: none | Oct 5, 2006 10:03:06 PM

Along with http://www.the-gadgeteer.com/ I find Judie's reviews and commentary on tech gear to be the cream of the crop, top of the heap. Start spreading the news. Geardiary.com will be a hopping joint full of easy to read tech gear reviews.

p.s. loved the elephant ride photos too

Posted by: mattp9 | Oct 2, 2006 4:30:38 PM

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