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October 21, 2006

Natural Sunrise AM/FM Radio Nature Sounds Multicolor Display Alarm Clock Lamp



Look at the crazy amount of stuff it does, that's why.

Sure, it's not much to look at but sometimes you have to give up a little to get a lot.

From the website:

    Rise & Shine® Natural Alarm Clock® Bedside Lamp

    Do you struggle to fall asleep and then wake to the jolt of your alarm clock?

    Now, Verilux® brings you the answer in one beautiful bedside lamp.

    Nature intended the gradual darkening of night to lull you to sleep and the rising sun to wake you refreshed.

    No wonder this lamp is patented!

    There’s nothing like it and it’s so easy to use!

    Just program the built-in alarm clock with your preferred wake-up time.

    In the morning, the Rise & Shine lamp slowly brightens and the full-range speaker increases its volume, with your favorite radio station or nature sounds, until you're fully awake.

    At night, the process reverses — dimming light and fading sounds gently tell your brain it’s time to sleep.

    Easy-to-read display illuminates in any of 7 colors.

    Super-bright xenon bulb and linen shade.

    8 nature sounds include: Song Birds, Harbor Cove, New England Village, Mountain Brook, Ocean Surf, Woodland Forest, Spring Rain and Gentle Breeze.

    Base diameter 6.5"; 20.25"H.


Ivory or Graphite.



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There are a few things like it:
the SunRise Alarm Clock, $109 @ DreamEssentials.com;
the Soleil Sun Alarm, $89.95 @ ToolsforWellness.com;
the EZ Wake SunRise Clock; 89.95 @ biobright.com;
Sunrise Alarm Clock, $69.95 @ HollyWood Gadgets.com....
I have a 8-yr old biobright that I use in my baby's room!

Posted by: SiloDog | Oct 29, 2006 1:30:11 PM

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