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October 2, 2006

PickyEatingAdults.com — 'Why didn't we grow out of it like most children?'


That's among the many questions asked — and answered — on this website.

Bob Krause, a 59-year-old Virginia Beach businessman, started the site four years ago.

About 300 people have registered during that time to exchange experiences and issues related to picky eating.

Might I suggest that you not share this post with children who happen to be picky eaters?

It's amazing how a little reinforcement can cement a behavior that's otherwise likely to disappear.

The site came to my attention via Annie Groer's front-page story in the September 26 Washington Post Health section.

Her article has a sidebar with three related features: "A Selective Glossary of Eaters"; Steering Kids Off the Picky Path"; and "A Few for the Etiquette Expert: Playing Host (Sanely) to a Picky Eater."

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I have a 10 yr old son. All the way until he was about 3 he was a normal eater. I remember him eating cheese singles. But if I took the cheese single and folded it he would cry until his mom would make me give him another one. I remember him eating pizza. But only plain cheese with no toppings. Now he wont eat cheese singles or pizza in any form.
His eating disorder is so extreme he will only eat macaroni and cheese if its Kraft. Only cheese Its if its the grips version. Only plain bread and selective nachos.
When I was a kid my dad wouldnt let me get up off the table until I cleared my plate. I would sneak it & put it in my pockets to look like I ate it. But then one day the food smelt so good I started trying everything in sight. Now I eat everything. Hope my son snaps out of his phobia to try anything new because its breaking my heart that he wont eat any real food. Please eat CQ.

Posted by: joe | Apr 9, 2008 1:36:22 AM

No one was saying processed baby food was good for them. Also no one is saying that a baby or a child for that matter should eat candy or processed frozen foods or I take that to mean reconstituted potatos as in "instant potatoes" 24/7 as it would be healthy way of life? I did not go to the site, I was just commenting on tastes. Not nutrition. When I see the word "picky or finicky" I will have an image now of someone that cannot eat anything other than the same thing all the time? I should hope that's not correct?

Posted by: Rhonda | Oct 5, 2006 9:11:50 AM

I don't think the site is geared for finicky eaters per se (i.e. not the 'i don't like raw fish / no celery for me' brigade) - it is more for the 'i can't eat anything except for peanut butter sandwiches' people.

I met an American once who was on the way to extreme - the ONLY thing he would drink was Sargent (Dr.? I forget) Peppers and the ONLY thing he would eat is meat, meat and more meat (but only a certain type). For example, he would buy 2 roast beef sandwiches, take out all the roast beef from one, abandon it and put it in the other one, remove any offending vegetables. It was either that for lunch or Pizza Hut Pepperoni with nothing but pepperoni and 'tomato sauce' on a thin crust.

Some food is a learned appreciation (obviously not talking about commercially processed baby food - YUK), but developing the palate has to start at a young age - if the only thing a kid is eating is candy, frozen processed food and reconstituted mashed potatos and his parents made that available 24/7 because it's the only thing he'll eat instead of encouraging the kid to try something else - that can't be healthy or a good way for that kid to live for the rest of his life.

Anyone watched Jamie Oliver's School Dinners program?

Posted by: IB | Oct 5, 2006 1:11:28 AM

Why do we have to be labled "picky" if we choose not to eat certain foods? Sometimes I like green olives sliced on my salad, sometimes not. Also I will pass on the sushi. Not too sure why either, other than the fact that I am not too keen eating raw fish. But now I have heard that there is some sushi that is cooked and tastes wonderful?? I feel that when a small child is handed a plate full of food and told eat it, no matter if it's liked or not. Well that would be almost like handing me a bucketful of uncooked sushi and saying here have at it. You know whats going to happen to that bucket don't ya? It can sit there for all I care. Now if it was full of ice cream and cookies, well you know forsure it would have been devoured in a minute. Oh I was thinking outloud again.

I just have to be on the side of the kids on this one because lets face it we are all just big kids. My grandbaby gets the most horrible baby food thrown at her and she waits for me to take a "taste" to let her know it's ok and tastes great. Little does she know her grammy has to fight some of the most frightful faces and make a smile magically appear, also not to forget that at any moment before forcing it down, that I might just spit it out like she does. All that just to get her to eat a spoonful of it too. It's so funny lately to watch her. They really do mimick us.

Posted by: Rhonda | Oct 3, 2006 10:15:20 AM

I think when you grow up and can afford to buy your own food you should have the right to pick and choose what you like to eat. Many a longtime family rift has its roots in the forcefeeding of Brussel Sprouts to small children.

Posted by: David | Oct 3, 2006 9:01:27 AM

I don't like finicky eaters. I wasn't allowed to be finicky as a child because my parents were children of the Great Depression. I'm one of 7 children and we just ate whatever was on our plate and weren't allowed to leave the table until it was all gone, either. I can't count how many times I had to endure the 'starving children in Africa' lecture but I will say that it kept me from becoming picky and made me a lot more grateful for what I had in life. That said, I'm sure it contributed to my lifelong obsession with my weight and personal appearance and the fact that I equate food with love! Oh well, at least my parents had good intentions....LOL! P.S. My daughters are just a LITTLE finicky because I let them be and they're both very healthy, athletic, beautiful young women with absolutely NO hang-ups about their bodies.....whoopie!!!!

Posted by: Maureen | Oct 2, 2006 10:49:34 PM

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