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October 2, 2006

Prada Ice


Now, isn't that better than "No-Slip Ice Treads?"

From the website:

    No-Slip Ice Treads

    Lets you walk safely on ice and snow.

    Heavy-duty rubber treads have sure-grip stainless-steel cleats that assure steady footing no matter how slippery the surface.

    Simply slip over shoes or boots — they stretch to fit entire foot.

    Fits women's sizes 5-10.

    Fold to carry in purse.


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As long as the snow isn't too wet, stick-on sandpaper - the sort you stick to power tools - is perfect. Tear a disc in half and stick one to the sole of each foot. Lasts long enough to walk the kids to school and back.

Posted by: | Oct 2, 2006 6:08:18 PM

Flautist --

If you are a bigfooted chicklet, ya just need to deal with normal shoes instead of wearing something that is going to kill you.

Trust me.

My mother is huge footed and she breaks an ankle or otherwise at least once a week, Sometimes breaks two or three ankles a day on her bad days. She got more metal in her foot than...ummm...someone with no metal in their foots.

Don't worry, some of us men have just as much problems...I wear size 15 and I generally have to wear the industrial shoes to get something that isn't going to wear out, or be dangerous. I have a pair of steeltoed redwings under my suit right now (though I should at least get a pair of black ones so I don't look like I just came off a Caterpiller stuck in the mud). Sometimes fashion isn't worth killing yourself over (but don't tell my mom that with her 6 inch heals and size 12 womens shoe that she tries to cram into a size 4 and screams at anyone that tells her she got hooves instead).

Posted by: clifyt | Oct 2, 2006 2:04:20 PM

For women's sizes 5 through 10. I seem to be seeing more and more of this kind of thing, not just in shoe accessories but in actual shoes, especially in the ritzier, more high-priced brands. What are us big giant-footed women supposed to do, just skid and flail around on the ice, I guess. It makes me wonder where they get the shoes for those eight-foot tall fashion models....somemething tells me they don't wear nice sweet little size fives and sixes.

Posted by: Flautist | Oct 2, 2006 1:47:38 PM

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