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October 19, 2006

Remote-Control Sports Car Racer Ballpoint Pen


This is one tricked-out writing implement.

From the catalog:

    Racer Pens

    Enjoy the fun and excitement of sports-car racing — while sitting at your desk!

    Atop these ballpoint pens are detachable remote-control cars.

    Each pen controls its car in forward and reverse so cars of different colors can be raced against each other!

    Both pens and cars have on/off switches.

    Each pen uses 4 button-cell batteries.

    Bonus: 4 extra batteries included.

    Refillable black ink.



Sure, you can wait forever for Sony's PS3 but hey, who knows if they'll ever pull themselves together enough so you can buy one.

Why wonder?

Racer pen colors are Black, Red or Blue.



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