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October 4, 2006

Roku Wi-Fi-delity AM/FM/Internet Alarm Clock Radio


There's something happening here; what it is ain't exactly clear....

From the website:

    Roku Wi-Fi-delity AM/FM/Internet Clock Radio

    Listen to stereo internet radio (and your PC or Mac-based music library) anywhere in the house — free — with the world’s only Wi-Fi-delity, AM/FM internet clock radio!

    Sharp-eyed audio enthusiasts of a certain vintage will recognize the look of Roku’s Wi-Fi Internet Radio as echoing the powerful minimalist designs emanating from A/D/S throughout the 1980’s under its talented founder, Godehard Guenther.

    Not only did Guenther design the stunning enclosure for Roku, but also the exceptionally articulate, 20-watt, class ‘D’-powered Linear Magnetic Drive stereo speakers and the potent 30-watt, Tunnel-Tuned rear-mounted subwoofer.

    So you know it will sound better than any table-top stereo.

    Here’s how it works:

    Wireless — Inside this bold and handsome tabletop enclosure, Roku Labs has combined an AM/FM radio with alarm functions, Wi-Fi wireless music streaming, and Wi-Fi Internet Radio — even an SD/MMC card slot for playing stored digital music!

    So you can enjoy Internet stations, literally thousands of them, without sitting at your computer.

    The Roku is completely self-contained, needs virtually no set-up and doesn’t depend on your computer for Internet Radio reception!

    In fact, as long as you have a wireless network connection to your broadband service, your computer doesn’t even have to be powered up for you to surf the world of national and international, internet radio!

    Roku’s 18 preset buttons are linked to the most popular internet radio stations right out of the box.

    Another 100 popular stations are preprogrammed into memory and available through the scan button — including a mix of internet-only stations like ‘BootLiquor Radio,’ ‘Radio Margaritaville’ and ‘Beatles Radio’; commercial stations like KFOG (Rock) in San Francisco and WFAN (Sports) in N.Y.C.; college stations like WKSU (Kent State – country); and international broadcasters like BBC (news/talk) and SwissRadio (classical).

    To access the many thousands of additional stations streaming on the internet, just use the built-in web interface to locate and copy their web addresses to one of your presets.

    Music Server — Roku also detects and wirelessly streams music files from your computer, except of course the protected music you purchase from iTunes.

    So you can enjoy your favorite play lists in rich, room-filling stereo anywhere in the house instead of being tethered to your computer and its relatively tinny sound.

    You can even wake up to your favorite music files, as Roku lets you choose AM/FM/Internet/music streaming (or even a menu of alarm tones!) as your wake-up call.

    And Roku ramps the volume up to rouse you gradually, with dual alarms for you and your spouse!

    Includes IR Remote; headphone jack; and highly informative fluorescent display with 6-selectable font sizes.

    Requires Wi-Fi home network (802.11b or 802.11g) and Windows 2000 or Mac OS10 (or higher).


TechnoDolts™ are urged to quickly move on to the next post before rereading the above and starting to wonder if it might be possible... because it's not.



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