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November 14, 2006

Red Hot Chili Peppers Stamp


Who knew?

Not me until earlier today when I asked the lady at the post office if they had any new stamps.

She proceeded to show me a sheet of the "Crops of the Americas" series, featuring none other than a red hot chili pepper and its green cousins as the flagship image of the five new stamps.

39¢ at post offices everywhere.

A thought: is that black line through the price an anti-counterfeiting feature?

Seems rather pathetic in this day and age, but oh, well.

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Iced Grillz


Diamond life.

From the website:

    Iced Grillz

    You’ll be mad blingin' with these Iced Grillz.

    These hip teeth covers are glittering with authentic Austrian crystal and plated with gleaming 24k rhodium.

    They give you serious bling for your grillz.

    Fits in minutes without molds or adhesive.

    Use them over and over.

    Comes with complete instructions.


So me.



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'Amphibious (Login-Logout)'


Above, a still from a six-minute-long video whose title is this post's headline.

It was made in 2005 by the team of Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla.

Mitch Epstein, in the November 5, 2006 Washington Post, wrote, It "simply follows a day in the life of six tortoises as they float on a log down China's Pearl River. They wake up to a riverside filled with children playing and small-time cottage industry, but by evening they're surrounded by the bright lights of urban factories."

The movie is part of the exhibition "Ecotopia: The Second International Center of Photography Triennial of Photography and Video," currently up at the International Center of Photography, located at 1133 Sixth Avenue (43rd) Street in New York City. (Through January 7, 2007; 212-857-0000).

Now where the heck did I put Verlyn Klinkenborg's email address....

Who's he, you ask?

You wouldn't be the first and you won't be the last.

That's why I'm here.

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Wi-Fi Internet Radio


That's different.

From the catalog and website:

    Wi-Fi Internet Radio

    This Wi-Fi Internet Radio can access more than 10,000 Internet radio stations without using a computer.

    Compatible with all three major streaming formats, our ground-breaking Wi-Fi Radio puts your favorite hometown station or London's BBC at your fingertips — from anywhere in your home.

    • Simple plug-and-play operation searches channel listings by city and category

    • Links into your existing Wi-Fi network and broadband connection

    • Streams both live and listen-again Internet broadcasts

    • No software to load, no subscriptions to pay

    • Delivers superb, crystal-clear acoustics — no signal problems, no pops and crackles

    • 6.5"H x 4.75"W x 4.75"L.


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Best picture of the day — but I can't show it to you here

Why is that?

Not because of its prurient nature but, rather, because USA Today hasn't yet got itself together enough to realize that its online version needs to be accompanied by the same photos as the paper iteration.

So you're going to have to take my word for it and beg, borrow or steal Section B ("Money") of today's (Tuesday, November 14, 2006) paper and turn to page 5B.

Occupying the upper quarter of the page is a photo whose caption reads:

"Snooze space: Maria Perez takes a nap in the British Airways Lounge at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York. Several chairs, sofas and cushioned wooden recliners help create a relaxed feel for travelers."


When I first glanced at the picture a few moments ago, before looking at the headline of the story under it — "Some foreign airlines upgrade lounges" — I thought the story was going to explore the miserable conditions for travelers in airports around the world.

Because the photo features a bunch of furniture which, even in black-and-white, is clearly mismatched; Ms. Perez asleep* with her shoes on (how very pleasant, just like she'd do in a friend's house, no doubt... not) atop an uncomfortable-looking couch; a bunch of newpapers scattered on a coffee table festooned with an open bag of Doritos or their equivalent... you get the picture.

I am reminded of a miserable night at New Delhi Airport back in the day, on my way back from Nepal: birds and bats by the hundreds flying all around and screeching, hard plastic chairs, super-bright fluorescent lights....

On top of which there was some sort of major internal political-military crisis going on, resulting in many heavily-armed soldiers in battle dress patrolling the airport.

Not the most fun evening I've ever had, by a long stretch.

*Not for one zeptosecond did I believe Ms. Perez was "taking a nap" as the picture caption holds: how did Jennifer S. Altman, USA Today's photographer, get her name unless she asked?

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Versa Vase


From the website:

    Versa Vase

    Modern art made possible through technology.

    The Versa Vase allows you to fashion centerpiece masterpieces by molding a revolutionary reshapeable material between two clear acrylic panels.

    Design any number of shapes with the high-tech material which holds water in reservoirs you create and secures flowers in place.

    Whether holding a single flower or a full bouquet, the Versa Vase becomes an intriguing part of the artistic expression and personal design in any room!

    14" x 14" x 2".



I've read the above copy five times, studied the picture with my most powerful telescope and I still don't understand exactly what this vase does and how it works.

I feel like that band member in the classic Christopher Walken/Will Farrell "Saturday Night Live" skit who asked, after one of Walken's bizarro utterances, "What does that mean?"

But I'm sure you'll figure it out.

$29.95 (flowers and water not included).

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Reverse Dictionary — 'Better than a thesaurus'


So it says in the latest edition of Kevin Kelly's online weekly, Cool Tools.

Here's a review of the helpful website:

    Reverse Dictionary — Better than a thesaurus

    A working reverse dictionary (hosted by Onelook.com) is one of the most useful sites out there.

    We've all had those moments when we know there's a word for some concept but we don't know what it is.

    We need something more than a thesaurus because we don't know an equivalent word.

    Onelook.com's reverse dictionary helps.

    You can even enter wildcards if you know what part of the word looks like.

    I'm not a professional writer, but I write for fun.

    This tool is indispensable.

    Kimball Robinson

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Sherpa Dog Coat


It is what it says.

From the website:

    Sherpa Dog Coat

    Lucky pups know they're loved when snug and cozy in this Sherpa coat designed just for them!

    Fastens around neck and body with Velcro®, making doggie dressing easy.

    Warm and stylish in easy-care 100% polyester.



"For proper sizing, measure from neck to base of tail."

Small (10"-12" — $14.99); Medium (14"-16" — $16.99); Large (18"-20" — $18.99).

Right here.

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