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November 20, 2006

Official Seal Generator


No end of fun.

[via Brian Nelson]

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Just out this month from Adesso.

"Each iLamp™ is compatible with all portable music players — MP3, iPod, CD players, radios — anything with a headphone jack."


You turn the knob once to use the lamp; twice to hear music and three times to do both at once.

Sounds TechnoDolt™-friendly, what?

Six styles, each available in one or more of the following: White, Chrome and/or Black.



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'Bonus — Digital MP3 Player!'


What's wrong with the headline above, which I saw just on TV in a commercial flogging ESPN's magazine?

Well, let's see: have you ever seen an analog MP3 player?

What's MP3 stand for, anyway, joe?

File this one under "free gift," still my all-time favorite nonsense phrase.

Because isn't a gift — by definition — free?

Last year I wrote a nice letter to The Economist pointing out that they, who certainly of all people should be exquisitely attuned to proper use of the Queen's English — were (incorrectly) using the phrase "free gift" throughout their newspaper to entice people to subscribe.

Radio silence is the polite phrase for what ensued.

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10-Legged Rocking Chair


Designed by Vilnius-based designer Paulius Vitkauskas for Contraforma.


Neon, Black or Red.



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Whole Foods Wins Washington Post Pumpkin Pie Throwdown


Just in yesterday, the results of the Washington Post's survey of freshly baked pumpkin pies from Washington (D.C.)-area supermarkets.

The winner: Whole Foods.

The graphic above accompanied the Post story.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go to the store.

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'Do Frame' Tape


Invented by Marti Guixe in 2000 and distributed by Droog Design.

1.5" wide screen-printed gilded frame tape lets you instantly formalize your photos, posters or what-have-you.


$15 for an 82-foot-long roll.

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No, not a South Park Second Life outpost but, rather, the headquarters of torrify.com.

Doug Stanley, in the Tampa Tribune, wrote, "The Torpark browser comes preconfigured, requires no installation, can run off a USB memory stick, and leaves no tracks behind in the browser or computer."

"The browser is the work of Hacktivismo, an international coalition of hackers, human rights workers, lawyers and artists," he continued.

Free — the way it always should be.

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SnowJoe™ Electric Snow Thrower — Official Snow Thrower of bookofjoe


As if there could be any doubt....

From the website:

    SnowJoe™ Snow Thrower

    Here’s a virtually effortless way to clear small drives, walkways and porches.

    Cuts a 12" wide path through snow up to 6" deep — throws it up to 20 feet.

    Just plug it in, turn the key and SnowJoe does the job.

    Safe to use — won’t start unless key is inserted.

    No messy gasoline engine to struggle with.

    11" cord with grounded plug.

    Tough polyresin and steel.

    12-1/2"W x 54"H.




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