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November 26, 2006

A conversation with Jack Ma, founder and CEO of Alibaba.com


Alibaba is China's largest business-to-business commerce site.

Jack Ma (above) is a piece of work and I have nothing but the highest degree of admiration for him.

In addition to which, though he's a tech industry mogul, he's a complete, self-admitted TechnoDolt™ who decides if something is any good by whether or not he can figure out how it works without reading the directions.

My man.

The Financial Times recently interviewed him and then buried the interview deep inside its hopelessly dysfunctional website.

Luckily for me and you, my crack research team had nothing else to do this weekend than spend it on an all-out hunt for Ma's interview; they succeeded in digging it out from under many obscuring layers of arcane and abstruse web pages.

Watch it here.

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