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November 27, 2006

Butter Measuring Knife


"It's better with butter."

An old slogan that beats out anything since.

But I digress.

The current issue (January-February 2007) of Cook's Illustrated gave it a rave review, which follows.

    Measuring Butter Knife

    The recent appearance in stores of unmarked artisanal and European-style butters (as well as the perennial problem of improperly wrapped marked sticks) can leave many wrapper-dependent chefs helpless in the face of precise cookie and cake recipes. If you don't want to rely on imperfect eyeballing skills, KitchenArt offers the handy Pro Measuring Butter Knife, a reversible ruler-like paddle knife that accurately measures and neatly cuts both Elgin-style ("stick") or Western-pack-style ("cube") butter, though it's too narrow for pound-block butter's wider plane. For this convenience, we'll happily make a bit of room in our gadget drawer.



From the website:

    The Measuring Butter Knife makes measuring and cutting butter a breeze

    Simply view the butter using the see-through slot.

    Line up the end of the knife with the end of the butter and select the right measurement.

    Lift up and cut!

    It's that simple.

    A perfect measure everytime!




White plastic: $4.70.

Chrome: $7.88.

Satin: $7.88.

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