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November 9, 2006

How Best to Manipulate bookofjoe To Your Advantage — A User's Guide


Wait a minute, joe — isn't this just what you're not supposed to be broadcasting for all and sundry to view?

See within.

Now where was I?

Oh, yeah, a Loser's Guide.

No, wait a minute, that can't be right....


Here's how to do stuff on/with/to bookofjoe that I'm not down with:

1) Post your self-promoting/obscene/inappropriate/hateful comment between the hours of 12:15 a.m. and 10 a.m. Eastern time — I'll be sound asleep or reading, and the crack research team hasn't a clue even though they're paid to be on duty 24/7 to intercept and trash stuff like this.

2) Amuse me — almost everyone who asks me to promote/link to/feature their stuff/website/activity/what-have-you is DOA in terms of actually getting pride of place on bookofjoe. But the operational word is "almost."

3) The late, great British actor Terry-Thomas memorably remarked, about playing the lottery, "You know you won't win — but you might." Precisely. That's the working philosophy/guiding principle here. You can't win unless you buy a ticket, what?

So there you have it: how to spam bookofjoe in three easy lessons.


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Oh dear. I'd have a word with the Crack Research Team on that front. (And thank you for reminding me that whatever issues I've got this week with TypeBad, I truly do love the comment moderation=ON switch.) Hang in there...

Posted by: AG | Nov 9, 2006 4:52:57 PM

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