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November 9, 2006



Sure hope my just-invented name for this nifty device doesn't bring the Cupertino lawyerbots swarming out of their hive to Charlottesville bandying cease-and-desist stinger orders.

From the website:

    Digital Photograph-to-iPod Transfer Device

    This simple portable device transfers digital photos from your SD memory card to your iPod without the use of a PC.

    About the size of a matchbook, the lightweight digital photo device fits unobtrusively in a pocket or backpack and does not require the use of cables, batteries or software.

    Transfer to 20 pictures in one minute using the iPod's control panel.

    Compatible with iPod Photo, Video, and Nano.

    2"H x 2"W x 1/4"-D.

    3-1/4 oz.


One could ask why there isn't an SD slot on iPods, thus incorporating this device — but I suppose questions like that are above my TechnoDolt™ pay grade.

White or Black.

$69.95 (alas, iPod and SD card not included).

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