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November 28, 2006

SmartPlaylists.com — 'Take back your iPod'


Q. What is a Smart Playlist?

A. A Smart Playlist is a song list in Apple's iTunes application which is updated automatically depending on a set of rules.

The ability to create playlists by mixing music tracks from different albums and genres has always been one of the cool features of iTunes.

iTunes (versions 3 and above) lets you personalize your listening experience by creating Smart Playlists based on powerful features like My Rating, Last Played, Keywords, and Total Play Count.

This feature is extremely useful for anyone with a digital music collection, especially iPod users.

See How to Create a Smart Playlist for more information.

[via Jamin Warren and the Wall Street Journal]

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I have a friend who created a playlist (I think using smart playlists) based on the BPM of each song, so her playlist starts off slow and rises to a bouncy feverish pitch as it goes. It is my favorite implementation of the concept yet.

Posted by: Adam P. Knave | Nov 28, 2006 10:21:43 AM

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