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November 26, 2006

What Peggy Noonan and Steve Wozniak have in common


Now here are two people you don't normally think of in the same sentence: Ronald Reagan's star speechwriter and the co-founder of Apple Computer.

Here's what's alike about them:

1) Both are disarmingly frank and honest, to the point they often say things that are politically incorrect and dismaying to more rigid fellow believers

2) Both write clearly, without cant or ego

3) Both are humble far beyond what one might expect of people of their extraordinarily high level of accomplishment

4) They're almost exactly the same age (56), with Ms. Noonan's birthday recorded as either September 7 or 15, 1950 and the Woz having appeared on August 11, 1950.


The penny dropped yesterday when I finished Woz's autobiography, "iWoz," followed shortly afterward by Ms. Noonan's weekly "Declarations" column in the Wall Street Journal.

Full disclosure: Peggy Noonan emailed me back a year or two ago after I featured one of her columns in bookofjoe; Steve Wozniak actually commented on a post about him that appeared here. Now that was really, really cool.

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