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December 5, 2006

Custom Printed Toilet Paper


"Anything you want printed on toilet paper, we can do."

Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton: eat your hearts out.

What impresses me is you can order as few as four rolls.

[via Shawn Lea's everythingandnothing]

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Posted by: Jeremyinc | Dec 12, 2006 11:30:02 PM

hook this service up to flickr, a la Moo.com, enable people to print rolls resplendent with faces of their enemies.

Posted by: stephen bove | Dec 6, 2006 12:22:32 PM

I like the idea of printing out complete novels -- especially things I'd like to say I've read but never have: Ulysseys; Finnegan's Wake; The Idiot (right up, uh, my alley); etc. And then there are certain works that just SCREAM to be printed on toilet paper -- Mein Kampf; The Malleus Maleficarum; almost anything by Dean Koontz, etc.

And Shakespeare! Imagine getting a good chance to REALLY mull over Hamlet... King Lear, surely, was MEANT for reading in the peace and quiet of the throne room.

Then again, this could be problematic in a household of more than one. You could lose the thread and have to track down the family member who used the missing chapters, in order to check up on the action. Which, I suppose, could, in its way, lead to a heightened sense of togetherness.

I wonder how many rolls War and Peace would take.

Posted by: Flautist | Dec 6, 2006 1:10:09 AM

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