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December 13, 2006

Custom Printed Toilet Paper — Episode 2: 'What do you wipe with?'


That's the question on the homepage of the JeremyInc website, where Jeremy (above) — a 21-year-old Canadian who in WetWorld lives on a 100-acre farm — will help you design and buy a single roll of custom printed toilet paper for $9.99.

I thought the crack research team had done a decent job last week, tracking down a company that would do a minimum order of four rolls but as Jeremy noted yesterday in his comment on Episode 1 of December 5, 2006, "Hey we also have [custom] printed toilet paper. We can print any picture that you submit in full color on toilet paper. This site is good quality and cheaper for smaller orders of toilet paper. Check out this... site."


Now, for today's million-dollar idea, offered as always here, for free — the way it should be:

Figure out how to use an actual roll of toilet paper, right off the store shelf, in your printer and print your own.

I mean, I've heard of roll your own but this is ridiculous.

But I digress.

Bonus: make as little as a single sheet at a time — how's that for taking bespoke to the max?

This is such a great idea even I'm crying, that I've gone and given it away for nothing.

Ah, well, that's life in the Bizarro World, where someone like Jeremy — or you — can email me with something, find yourself on bookofjoe 20 minutes later and suddenly become famous and/or rich, while those who offer me money — sometimes serious simoleons! — for a mention get the old, "Here's your hat — what's your hurry?"


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Another interesting find for the "crack research team"!!!!! Sure hope the ink doesn't run!!!

Posted by: Virginia | Dec 14, 2006 11:24:12 PM

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