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December 10, 2006

Giant World Map Puzzle


From the website:

    Oversized World Map Puzzle

    This brightly-colored oversized map puzzle of the world covers 26 square feet and depicts latitude, longitude, every flag, country name, and time zone on the planet, and facilitates the development of geographical awareness at an early age.

    The map's 252 pieces are crafted of rugged non-toxic 1/2" double-layered EVA foam and when fully assembled the map is over 6-1/2' long and 4' wide.

    The map can serve as a play mat as well as an oversized pin-up board (backing not included).

    Includes carrying case for easy transport and storage of pieces.

    Waterproof, washable and hypoallergenic.

    Ages 3 and up.


I'm totally stoked because that last line in the description above means nearly 100% of my readers are puzzle-ready.



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