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December 30, 2006

I'm IT! — Tagged by Judie Hughes


The doyenne of GearDiary just tagged me so I'm supposed to:

1) Tell you five (5) things you never knew about me, and

2) Tag five (5) other people

See, it's like a chain letter except you know up front you're never gonna get the envelopes full of cash you're told await you if only you keep the chain going.

In no particular order of importance, then, five (5) heretofore unknown things about moi:

1) In elementary school (either fifth or sixth grade) gym class, I was the only student who could traverse the length of a wooden balance beam while keeping three of my four limbs in contact with the beam — the so-called "catwalk." Try it — it ain't easy.

2) I was pathologically short as a boy (4'8" tall in seventh grade), so much so that serious consideration was given to (then-weekly) injections of cadaver-derived human growth hormone. Good thing I decided not to: a number of those who received such injections went on to develop Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD). For what it's worth, I ended up 5'9" tall by the time I stopped growing at age 19.

3) My greatest dream was to become a major league baseball player. That crashed and burned at age 16 when I tried out for and failed to make my high school team.

4) Though I left Milwaukee for Los Angeles at age 18 to attend UCLA and continued to live in LA for many years, I didn't get my first car until I was nearly 28 years old. It was a giant used Buick convertible and cost $500. A friend nicknamed it "The Thrasher" after the driver's side was caved in by a little old lady who ran a stop sign in Santa Monica — and I decided not to get it repaired. Hey, it still ran, what's the big whoop? For the ten years I was without a car (or driver's license) I walked, rode my bicycle, took the bus, hitchhiked, and in general depended on the kindness of others.

5) I took the LSAT after medical school (and did okay), thinking I might become a high-powered medical-legal type. I even filled out law school applications. I decided not to mail them because I simply couldn't envision myself ever again sitting in a classroom all day long taking notes. Been there, done that during far too many endless hours/days/months/years. What was I thinking?

Okay, that's part one (1).

Here are the five (5) people I'm tagging:

1) Shawn Lea of everythingandnothing

2) Robyn Miller of tinselman

3) Megan Reardon of not martha

4) Paul Katcher of paulkatcher.com

5) Waldo Jaquith of waldo.jaquith.org

And that's all I have to say about that.

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