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December 31, 2006

Official bookofjoe Dust Pan & Broom Set


It took nearly a year out back in the skunk works to get precisely the right shade of green but we did it.

From the website:

    Dust Pan/Broom Set

    Tough duo picks up light spills.

    This nesting set tidies up small spills on hard floors.

    No need to get out the floor vac or a bulky broom and dustpan.

    Keep this set handy — it's every bit as efficient as the big broom or electric sweeper!

    The broom nestles inside the dust pan, so you're never searching for one or the other.

    Perfect for tidying pet areas or making a quick sweep before guests arrive.

    Even the kids will want to help clean up!

    8¼" x 8½".



Every gift bag at the upcoming bookofjoe 2007 Award Show™ will contain — among other things — this nifty duo.

You don't think I'm gonna clean up after by myself, do you?

As if.



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