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December 24, 2006

Self-Charging Smoke Alarm


Clever; ingenious; what took so long?

I mean, it's so obvious once you see it, like so many wonderful inventions.

From the website:

    DuPont™ Self-Charging Smoke Alarm

    Never worry about changing batteries again.

    This unique smoke detector screws into any ceiling light fixture and operates off your home electricity.

    Reinstall the light bulb into the alarm, and now you’ve got a light source and smoke alarm in one!

    Great protection for high-risk areas such as laundry rooms, garages, and workshops.

    Fully-charged, it will operate for up to 30 days in the event of a power loss.

    Recharges itself every time you turn the light on.

    85 dB alarm can be heard all over the house!

    Works even if the temperature drops to 5°F.

    5"L x 3"W x 3"D.



This is one of those "eat your spinach" gifts: nobody wants it but everybody needs it.


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Someone in the Book of Joe research team is slipping - these have been around for at least a decade.

Posted by: Skipweasel | Dec 25, 2006 11:28:11 AM

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