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December 4, 2006

Stealth Knife

7791729jpijk I wonder what this puppy looks like on radar.... First time I've ever seen a black ceramic knife blade. From the website:Kyocera Ceramic Knife

    Professional chefs have long known the advantages of a ceramic knife. Not only does the blade hold its sharp edge for years without a single sharpening, the high-density material prevents bacteria from breeding, which is important when cutting meats and poultry. Lightweight and perfectly balanced, this knife is rust-free, non-staining and dishwasher-safe. Measures 11"L overall.

.................... The assertion above that "professional chefs have long known the advantages of a ceramic knife" comes as a bit of a surprise to me: I've never read about a chef who raved about his ceramic blades but I've seen many who are powerfully attached to their steel versions. But I digress. If you've always wondered about what it might be like to use a ceramic blade but been put off by their inordinate expense, consider my experience, for what it's worth. I sprang for a Kyocera ceramic-bladed paring knife some years ago and haven't been impressed. The blade has chipped and doesn't cut nearly as well as my Henckels (steel) paring knife. And no — I didn't use the knife to try and open bottles, etc. I don't plan to ever buy another knife with a ceramic blade. But I sure do like that black. $89.99.

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Servus Joe,

Like you, no "professional" chef that I know has even looked twice at a knife that they cannot sharpen personally or might break if handled too rough.

Global (Japanese) makes really good knives on the cheap that are a joy to use.


Uncle Jake

Posted by: Uncle Jake | Dec 5, 2006 5:02:41 AM

Bum. I got all excited for nothing.

Posted by: IB | Dec 4, 2006 11:57:37 PM

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