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January 18, 2007

"The best test of whether something should be banned is not 'is it distasteful?' but 'is anyone harmed?'"


From a leader (editorial to you, Americanzi) about the practice of creating genetic chimeras in the current (January 13, 2007) issue of The Economist.


The test above perfectly summarizes my point of view — same as it ever was since I was a teenager.


I may not be right but at least I'm consistent.


You idiot — not that picture....

Note: A position on my crack research team™ has suddenly become available.

Apply within.

We are an equal opportunity employer: any fool can make her- or himself right at home without any worries.

Many currently do.

But I digress.

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Cordless Rechargeable Heated Ice Scraper


Sure, we've been here before, in Episode 1 back on February 5, 2005, with the first iteration of a heated ice scraper.

But what about that dopey dangling cord trailing behind?

Almost as ridiculous as iPod earphone wires.

Don't get me started.

From websites:

    Cordless Rechargeable Heated Ice Scraper

    Keep your car windshield clear this winter with our cordless heated ice scraper tool.


    • Recharges from your 12 volt cigarette lighter socket as you drive

    • Compact enough to store in your automobile glove box

    • Hand-held and works at any angle

    • Makes ice removal easy and fast

    • Quickly melts ice and snow




Yeah — the car is included.

I'm surprised you even asked, to tell the truth.

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My sincerest apology to Michael Vick for featuring the Water Bottle Safe


Now I wish he wasn't a bookofjoe fan.

Along with T.O., he's one of my two favorite NFL players.

I'm just sick that something I featured back in 2005 turned out to be the cause of Vick's being temporarily detained yesterday at Miami International Airport, with possible charges to be filed depending on what is found inside the bottle's "secret" compartment.


I'm debating whether to go back and delete that post so as not to cause any further damage.

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Why doesn't NBC stop fooling around and start the 'Today Channel?'

Goethe wrote, "In boldness lies genius."

Why should NBC continue to play its game of incremental "Today" creep instead of boldly going where no big MSM network has gone before, namely, creating an entire channel devoted to the show?

Just yesterday NBC announced that it's expanding the show from three to four hours this coming fall.

They went from two to three hours in 2000.

At this rate it'll be 2100 before they finally stop and smell the cluetrain... wait a minute, that's not right.

So what's it gonna be, punk?

The Katie Channel or Today?

The choice is yours: you can do it now — or see the Fram guy later.

joe, that is so messed up.

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Bubbleprice.com — 'What's your bright idea worth?'


The returns are in here at bookofjoe and they ain't very pretty.

But I'm sure your stroke of genius is worth millions.

Now you can find out just how many.

Millions, booboo — not strokes.

But I digress.

"Thousands of times a day?"

Funny: I never, ever wonder "how much investment capital will my next web product be eligible for?"

Maybe because every time I do the math I end up with the middle character of DOA.


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Getaway Bag


What a disaster of a product name: "Gourmet Getaway"

I mean, it's so DOA it made even moi do a double-take, and it takes a lot — prolly twice what a normal person might require — for me to do that.

But I digress.

The reason this product's name is so poor is that it severely circumscribes what could be a smash hit.

This is a wonderful all-purpose bag for a girl on the go.

Neoprene, stain-resistant, machine-washable, and available in four stylin' colors, why would you dream of limiting its use to carrying around your PB&J?

From websites:

    Gourmet Getaway

    Tell the airlines to keep their boxed snacks.

    Bring your own gourmet meal with new Gourmet Getaway.

    It’s made of stretchy neoprene, a natural insulator that keeps food warm or cold for hours.

    It expands to hold take-out boxes or plastic containers and folds flat when empty.

    Stain-resistant and machine-washable.

    13½" x 13½" x 6”.



Cranberry, Green (recommended), Grape, Khaki, Stripes or Black.


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'Cloud Warriors of Peru' — Were They Space Aliens?


That's the question I'm asking after looking at a schematic drawing (above) of "the Huaca la Penitenciaria de la Meseta..., a massive platform ruin that appears to have been left behind by the Chachapoya on a Peruvian jungle plateau,"


as noted in a caption in yesterday's USA Today story about the "mystifying" structure.


Once you consider the highest and best use of a 200-foot-long by 100-foot-wide flat plaza, it all starts to make sense.


They were not men — nor were they Devo.


They were Chachapoya.

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'Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee' — buy your snacks from Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali's new line of snack food debuted yesterday at five college campuses — Georgia Tech, Texas A&M, The University of Pennsylvania, Yale and Ohio State — selected by Ali himself.

The rollout came on his 65th birthday.

According to USA Today, "The snacks, including fruit crumbles, crunchy mixes and flavored crisps, are given boxing-related names such as Rumble, Shuffle and Jabs. Flavors include 'Fruit Fight,' 'Thrill-A-Dill-A' and 'Slammin' Salsa.' The snacks are shaped liked boxing gloves, medicine balls, ropes, speed bags and body shields."

Memo to Ali's marketers: Don't forget the "Rope-A-Dope" licorice strands: you'll sell zillions.


More here.

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