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January 9, 2007

Anne Raver's 'New favorite web site' — The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Anne Raver's "In the Garden" column is a fixture in the Thursday New York Times.

Last week she waxed poetic about all the birds that appear to be returning to her Central Maryland farm after decades of absence.

In the course of which she mentioned how much she's grown to love the Cornell Lab of Ornithology lab's website, replete with everything you'd ever want to know about birds.

You could look it up.

If you'd rather have your own private virtual aviary, consider the Song Sleuth Digital Birdsong Detective, which contains recordings from the Cornell Lab.

The good news with that is that they've dropped the price from its introductory $490 to $299.95.

The bad news is they're sold out.

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The Cornell Lab seems to be THE place to go for all ones bird call needs... The previously mentioned Breezy Singers use their calls as do the stuffed Wild Republic Audubon Sound Birds and the new book of Bird Songs by Les Beletsky and Jon L. Dunn.

Posted by: NIcole | Jan 9, 2007 10:59:06 PM

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