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January 26, 2007

Bag that Segway — How about Copenhagen by stroller?


Or Chicago, Barcelona (below), Amsterdam, Portland, Toronto, London, Paris, New York City, LA, Boston, San Francisco, Miami, East Berlin, Edinburgh, Milan, Dublin or Brighton?

Bugaboo — the Dutch stroller maker — has created day trips suitable for a stroller passenger (and propeller), complete with detailed maps, photos and description of all the sights.

The website's a bit... dare I say buggy? but you'll get to the trips by following these steps:

1) Click here and you'll be on the main page

2) Move the cursor over the word "explore" in the horizontal black bar up top: the words "daytrips" and "bugaboo by" [sic] will appear below the bar

3) Click on "daytrips" and you're good to noodle around and check things out for yourself


Note that the website offers multiple country/language options so most everyone ought to be able to find one that suits.

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