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January 17, 2007

bookofjoe exclusive — Copy protection broken on top-secret Fizzy Fruit formula


Just in from "The Revealer" who is currently sequestered in a secure, undisclosed location — can you imagine the lawyerbots now atwitter, literally fibrillating with excitement at this latest patent/trademark/copyright violation?

But I digress.

Here, in its entirety, is The Revealer's unencrypted email:

    Secret process?

    BAH! I discovered how to do this a few years ago.

    Here are the steps:

    Required items: dry ice, fruit, cooler


    1. Place dry ice in cooler.

    2. Place fruit of your choice in cooler, but NOT touching the dry ice.

    3. Close the cooler and let it sit overnight.

    4. Enjoy your carbonated fruit!

    Explanation: the dry ice gives off carbon dioxide gas. Through the night, the fruit has almost nothing to be in contact with but that gas. It seeps through, creating "carbonated" fruit!

    Keep in mind: the fruit is like a soda... keep it in the air for too long and it will go flat. Notice how the "Fizzy Fruits" are kept in a sealed container.


This could be bigger than BitTorrent.

Forget all the excitement about the cracking of the super-secret HD DVD anti-piracy software — this is huge.

Once again bookofjoe goes where no one else dares to venture.

You say no one else dares because no one else cares?

That's harsh.

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