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January 7, 2007



I happened on this website Thursday evening (January 4, 2007) while I was wandering around my statistics pages.

I had my crack research team spend some time at codinghorror to try and figure out why it was the 8th-highest referring site to bookofjoe at around 10 p.m. ET.


Turns out Jeff reviewed Russ Walter's great book, "The Secret Guide to Computers," and happened upon my March 5, 2005 review and linked to it.

Russ Walter even emailed me to correct a couple things after my post went up.

But I digress.

Jeff's website is so far above my TechnoDolt™ pay grade I couldn't see it with an Earth-based Hubble telescope equivalent — but that doesn't mean all you slick code doyennes and barons can't enjoy yourselves there.

I really, really like how he integrated a guy with his hair on fire (hair on fire spoken repeatedly really fast and jumbled up = horror, see? — at least, to my mind's ear which admittedly might be made of tin) into his site's logo (top).

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Or maybe his hair is not on fire - just really scared - or horrified (a la The Scream). The horror, the horror, said Kurtz. ;)

Posted by: Shawn Lea | Jan 7, 2007 5:50:01 PM

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